Gun Control, Lies and the Grand Plan

Gun Control? Lies foisted on the sheepish populace

Dateline: Lake Geneva Wisconsin.
January 5, 2016

The new gun control measures put forth by the Obama administration speak loudly to the grand scheme of lies the public is being exposed to every day across America.

Since more than ninety percent (90%) of lifetime sentenced felons (someone sentenced to a year in jail but not necessarily serving any time at all) are non-violent offenders and ninety-nine percent (99%) never used a weapon committing any crime, the intensification of background checks to prevent gun violence is ridiculous and founded upon lies.

The expansion of a program to deny anyone reported having mental difficulties have been expanded to include anyone a doctor wants to claim is mentally ill, but not have to back that up with revealing who he is or what the data the denial was based upon.

How typical of modern America.

  • You can be indicted, but not told you are indicted,
  • Charged with a crime but not told you are charged,
  • Put on a no-fly list, but not told you are on the list or why
  • And now you can be labeled as mentally defective ,without knowing that either or what makes you defective.

None of this is about flying, criminality or guns.
It’s all about a small number of people controlling masses of other people,
and it is all based upon bald-assed lies.

  • Like voter I.D. laws.
  • Like police personnel shield laws.
  • Like secret sessions of any governmental body.

Unless we see and act upon the lies behind these authoritarian moves,
we accept the dictatorial rule of dictators wearing no clothes.

The dictatorial Emperor with NO clothes

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  1. James, so what do YOU offer to help the people who are being murdered by the thousands?

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  2. I don’t know about Strauss’ solutions.
    What thousands of murdered are you referring to, Greg?
    Those gunned down on the Streets of Metro areas in the USA?
    Or the genocide occurring throughout the world predicated on some false religious narrative?

    If you are focusing on those Firearm Homicides in the USA?
    According to the US Government CDC:
    Annual Number of gun homicide: 11,208
    Gun Homicide Deaths per 100,000 population: 3.5
    More from CDC:
    Almost 60 percent of U.S. firearm homicides occur in the 62 cities of the country’s 50 largest metros.
    However, only 27 percent of suicides do.
    You think there might be a relationship between firearm deaths and the city’s unemployment rate?
    Some possible solution could be:

    1. Increasing the standards of eduction,
    2. Promotion and encouragement of two parent households,
    3. Training focused on jobs of value to the well being of all.

    Just my take, and it makes more sense to me than empty rhetoric and political pandering.
    When has gun regulation ever kept them out of the hands of criminal mindsets?

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