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Dateline: Lake Geneva Wisconsin

I’m dying here, with burbling titters, quiet laughing and some downright embarrassing belly laughs.

The republican party is going to get Donald Trump. It is beginning to look like that this buffoon of ridiculousness and painful applied stupidity will be the republican candidate.

And that is such great news for the country!
Not because he can’t win, which he can’t, thank God.

No, because this single giant of a megalomaniac is becoming the emblem of what it means to be republican. His success is bringing this selfish, bombastic, thieving and blowhard underlying image to the surface of a party that started to go wrong forty years ago and can’t stop.

To look back and read republican speeches and articles from the fifties, sixties and seventies is positively astounding. It was a party of contemplative intellect, worrying and puzzling over how everyone in the country might share the nation’s success and how to make sure that fairness ruled across the board.

Now look at Trump and listen closely to him.

He’s no aberration. He’s the truth of what the party has become and he ‘outs’ everyone who supports him. There is a huge body of deliberate ignorance and celebrated stupidity in America.
Usually it’s silent and the majority is unaware or does not believe that it’s really there.

Not any more!

I say yes to Donald Trump.
Please, write here and support him if you unwittingly want to be revealed along with him.
Trump is a message the rest of the population has badly needed to receive.

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  1. Trump is certainly a wake-up call. A scary one. I find it astonishing, and deeply worrying, that there could be so many people who support him. It says things about certain factors within American society – things I would prefer to deny, but can’t. There’s a whole lot of immoral and stupid people in this country. I just pray those with sense, and at least a semblance of morality, will show up at the polls in November, because the person who’s looking like he may be the Republican alternative to Trump is probably even scarier than Trump. Darn, how did it come to this?

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    • Thanks for your comment, J.P.,

      “How did it come to this?”

      Why do you think Trump is drawing Democrats also?
      Minorities rising in support.

      Is it really NOT the person, his ability, and definitely not looks…

      BUT the fact the population has been lied to, so blatantly, from all political directions in the past 30-40 years
      and information is now so readily available to the masses that the normally acquiescent lemmings are staring to wake up?

      In Trump’s “popularity it is not the person rather the Message that resonates.
      And, maybe the elitist academes may have to reconnoiter.
      They did NOT have to worry when all mediums were directed by just a few.

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