Names Have Meaning, a Poem by James Strauss


Names Have Meaning


by James Strauss


Lobos Marinos,
Flowering sea wolves.
Avenues of cheese.
The roads,
Names in my life,
Meaning of my world.
Lake Shore Drive,
Meadow Ridge Circle,
English came late.
Where lived has merit,
Names have meaning,
Meanings unknown,
Life unknown.

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    • I agree and thank you as always for commenting, Katie.
      I noticed a 404 message on your website,

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  1. James I enjoyed your poem it’s something how 1 single word can bring back so many memories of a particular time in your l8fe

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    • We are strange creatures and operate in unique ways. Always appreciate your input, Daniel.

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  2. Enjoyed the unique spin on things/names that have touched you in your lifetime…

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    • So many subtle things can impact our lives.
      Your visit and comment are appreciated, Sally

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