Get the Lead Out, or be Crazy?

The Lead Controversy

Dateline: Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

Many scholars of Roman history believe that the craziness that prompted the fall of Rome was all about the Romans drinking water from lead pipes and lead drinking vessels.

What is Flint, Michigan shouting at the nation right now?

That most drinking water is polluted with lead and what does lead pollution cause? Lowering of intellect and crazy behavior…and more. Now we discover that Atlanta, New Orleans and even Milwaukee, Wisconsin are riven through with lead water pipes. Milwaukee has seven thousand miles of them delivering drinking water since 1915 and New Orleans has ten times more. You wonder what has been happening to your nation? It isn’t what you thought, even if you still have the ability to think.

How could all of this have happened?

It happened because America forgot about infrastructure and decided instead to use phony financial scams and artificial terror wars to give all the money to 158 families.** They aren’t drinking water from those pipes, by the way. How can mankind be so abysmally stupid?

Well, it has taken us 3.5 million just to get this far for a pretty damned good reason. The public isn’t drinking lead by accident. Will the public get mad? That’s not the form lead poisoning craziness takes. Nope.

It makes you vote for Tom Cruz or Donald Trump!

** Interesting Fact:

These donors’ fortunes (the 158) reflect the shifting composition of the country’s economic elite. Relatively few work in the traditional ranks of corporate America, or hail from dynasties of inherited wealth.

Most built their own businesses, parlaying talent and an appetite for risk into huge wealth: They founded hedge funds in New York, bought up undervalued oil leases in Texas, made blockbusters in Hollywood.

More than a dozen of the elite donors were born outside the United States, immigrating from countries like Cuba, the old Soviet Union, Pakistan, India and Israel.

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  1. Infrastructure….
    A topic usually bandied around at election time with very little application after the ballots are counted.
    What, you mean spend money on regular maintenance?
    It is more dramatic to spend huge amounts of money to rebuild monuments.
    Also I was surprised to see mention of the “immigrant” influence of the uber-rich.
    Nice rant. Mr Strauss

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