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For the past decades I have enjoyed global experiences and observations. Translating these experiences to paper has been another rewarding venture.

The concept of this membership is to provide the written word, in text format and PDF, plus audios for download and streaming.

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James Strauss, Author Site is a Membership Reading Club,  providing our esteemed members full access to all Text and Audios of the content presented, plus substantial discounts on ordering our Kindle and Audible Library collections. We also envision a closed Forum to share ideas regarding Writing and Publishing for all.

About James Strauss

James Strauss was born into a U.S. Coast Guard family during WWII.

I’ve live in 34 places from South Manitou Island in Michigan to Honolulu Hawaii,  and held positions, with credentials, to serve in over twenty-five careers, ranging from University Professor in Anthropology, deep sea diver, Physician’s Assistant to Marine, U.S. Marine Corps Officer, police officer and novelist.

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Black Friday and the Green Bay Packers

Yeah, I know that the phrase came out of Chicago from the police there and it was all about the traffic and congestion mess associated with day after Thanksgiving shopping. Now, it’s not such a negative thing, except for some of us……

The Deer are Here……

Deer hunting season from the 21st of this month until the 29th. They’ll kill 200,000 deer before the 30th. Whatever. The deer have figured out over the years that they need to go ……

Christmas Canyon, a Short Story by James Strauss

It was late December, and the Santa Fe River was little more than a half-frozen stream. Darby sat down between the water and a large lump of rumpled brown cloth that contained his friend Albert.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

Thanksgiving morning. Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving day parade. There are no notables I recognize in the booth in front of the parade on television anymore……

More Turkeys to Contend With

Turkeys and other sundry items Dateline: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Let the pre-Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving Turkeys and the Holiday

As the Thanksgiving Holiday approaches. Two turkeys, as is the custom here in my surroundings every year. One turkey done in the oven with regular stuffing and cooked at 350 degrees until done. Well basted……Second turkey?????

THUNDER MARINE, Arch Patton Adventure,Chapter 5

“Doesn’t matter what you got,” the imitation Errol Flynn DEA agent said, standing behind the front desk. “Twenty thousand bucks down to take it for a spin. Otherwise, bring in a marine surveyor and check it out all you want for nuthin.”……

What’s Normal? To be Kind?

Is being Kind Normal?

How do we find it somehow in our best interest to be kind?

Is it the coming wintery storm making me so deeply reflective this evening? How do we make it so that compassion, understanding and generosity become the normal staple ruling all communication and conduct……..

Thought for the day: Prayer, What do You Pray for?

What are you praying for? If you were to pray for someone, other than yourself or...

Thunder Marine, Arch Patton Adventure, Chapter 4

The six of them loaded onto the Marine Corps Osprey tilt-wing aircraft. This Marine form of military air, with the aircraft flying at about three hundred miles per hour and with one in-air refuel, would take longer than any commercial jet…..

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