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For the past decades I have enjoyed global experiences and observations. Translating these experiences to paper has been another rewarding venture.

The concept of this membership is to provide the written word, in text format and PDF, plus audios for download and streaming.

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James Strauss, Author Site is a Membership Reading Club,  providing our esteemed members full access to all Text and Audios of the content presented, plus substantial discounts on ordering our Kindle and Audible Library collections. We also envision a closed Forum to share ideas regarding Writing and Publishing for all.

About James Strauss

James Strauss was born into a U.S. Coast Guard family during WWII.

I’ve live in 34 places from South Manitou Island in Michigan to Honolulu Hawaii,  and held positions, with credentials, to serve in over twenty-five careers, ranging from University Professor in Anthropology, deep sea diver, Physician’s Assistant to Marine, U.S. Marine Corps Officer, police officer and novelist.

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Good Christ, A Harvey Adventure, Short Story by James Strauss

Harvey crouched down near the side of the garage, his long feline body carefully inserted into the slot between the relatively warm wall of wood and the below zero frigidity of the ice bank only inches away. There was snow out across the yard……..

Get the Lead Out, or be Crazy?

Many scholars of Roman history believe that the craziness that prompted the fall of Rome was all about the Romans drinking water from lead pipes and lead drinking vessels. What is Flint, Michigan shouting at the nation right now?

Bad Taffy, A Harvey Adventure, Short Story by James Strauss

The pride of humans, to which Harvey had become attached, occasionally required him to sit so its other members could admire him. He sat on top of a not uncomfortable basket for one such session. Sitting up on a basket ………

Are You Being Bullied?

Is everyone being Bullied? Dateline: Lake Geneva Wisconsin. How does bullying work,...

So what is this about a Cat Named Harvey?

Harvey. My cat of 14 years. There’s been some controversy over the ownership (if it can really be called that) of cats who live at home but also run in the wild upon occasion……

Thumper, a Short Story by James Strauss

Movement through the base of the forest isn’t difficult, not if you’re a thirteen-pound cat with fur the color of the darker flora. Harvey moved sinuously inside the brush next to the nearby flowing stream. By sticking close to the water, he could avoid the giant rabbit ………

Harvey, the Grey Cat Rules

Back over one shoulder a crouching human could be seen creeping through the wet soggy grass that led up to the edge of the forest. Harvey waited, standing upright, shifting his gaze from the ungainly man to the forest and back…….

Politics Today, The Trump Effect, 2016,

I’m dying here, with burbling titters, quiet laughing and some downright embarrassing belly laughs. The republican party is going to get Donald Trump. It is beginning to look like that this buffoon of ridiculousness and painful applied stupidity will be the republican candidate. And that is such great news for the country!

Sunday Morning at Geneva Java Coffee Shop

Dateline: Sunday, January 9, 2016 Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Sometimes interesting people are just at the next table. Geneva Java Coffee Shop on Sunday morning. This guy and his female friend (Cal Tech graduate in physics) talking about Larry Niven’s first book about the Pak…….

Happy New Year from the Emergency Room

First Week 2016 – Emergency Room Dateline: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The world is...

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